Overnight bags can often be problematic. On one hand, they have to be compact and limited, but on the other, they should be diverse enough to cover a multitude of occasions. We often need to pack something for the day, something for the evening, pyjamas and extra clothes for the next day. So, what should you put into your overnight bag if you want to keep it practical, but just as glamorous, since this bag needs to take you from morning to night?

A day to night perfume
A day to night perfume works in just the same way that daytime to nighttime makeup would: it keeps you feeling confident, but no one would know you haven’t switched it up during the day. Perfume is the invisible confidence boost that many women wear on a night out or to a business meeting. Therefore, a day to night perfume should be light enough to smell great during the day and dark enough to wear in the evening. Something with a light musk, deep floral or smoky scent would be ideal. If you don’t have time to go out shopping before your trip, then buy women’s perfume online so that you can browse through the varieties of brands online the week or two before.

Evening shoes
While it might kill you to narrow your choices down to one pair, you can definitely afford to put in a solitary pair of evening shoes into your overnight bag. It’s important to have your one pair of comfortable shoes for walking in during the day, but these are seldom glamorous or exciting. Reserve space for a pair of evening shoes to leave you feeling refreshed and glitzy in the nighttime.

Beauty treatments
It wouldn’t be a special overnight bag if it were completely practical. Packing beauty and bath time treatments will ensure that your bathing and makeup routine stays just as indulgent. Here are a few items to consider for getting ready: Your best and most-used makeup, including any palettes and extras for a nightwear look. Bubble bath if you prefer to bathe before you get ready – this also ensures you don’t have to rely on hotel body wash to get clean. Pampering basics, such as a nail file, a face mask, hair mask and maybe even a few under-eye gel cushions.

Small conveniences
Overnight bags are fun-sized when it comes to space, so conveniences have to be just as compact. Adding in a portable speaker will give you music to listen to while you’re getting ready, and you might even be able to make room for a tablet, which will enable you to watch films at bedtime. You can afford to bring along some of life’s luxuries – just on a smaller scale.

When packing a glamorous overnight bag, it’s all about being strategic with your indulgences. Being clever about luxuries means that you can fit them in, albeit in a smaller quantity. And, reserving room for some extras adds a bit of fun back into your weekend getaway or trip.