What are the best brands for basics?

They might not be that exciting but getting your basics right is essential for a good look. But what are the best brands for basics?

I tidied up my wardrobe this morning and was shocked (maybe even a bit embarrassed) by the state of some of my clothes. As it goes with basics, you wear them all the time. London’s hard water doesn’t help either making everything look tired and grey.

What basics is she talking about, you might wonder. I’m talking about white t-shirts, camisoles and socks. They are my essentials that I wear over and over again. Considering that I wear them almost every day I think it’s worth to buy good quality. That’s at least my plan after looking at deformed and discoloured t-shirts and camis with holes in them.


Let’s start with the feet. I absolutely love Falke. The family business is as reliable as you’d expect from a German brand and has exactly the quality I was looking for. They have everything from sneaker socks to tights and they last ages. I have one pair of tights that I must have worn about 30 times and they still look as good as new. Socks-wise you can choose between cotton, softmerino wool, silk, matt, shiny and more. The choice is enormous but they all come with a specially crafted fit that won’t leave any marks.

They also have some really nice knee-high socks if you dare to wear those. I always have to hide from my boyfriend when I wear them because he think they are the biggest turn-off ever. But who cares?!

Other notable brands are Wolford (tried and tested but Falke has a better selection) and Heist (not tried but I only hear good things).


What would I do without camisoles? I hate it when you stretch and suddenly there is a gap between your trousers and t-shirt revealing a bit of pale tummy. So unless you want to show off your killer abs, camis are the way to go.

The two winners in this category are Hanro and the more budget-friendly Uniqlo. Hanro’s signature high-tech stretch fabric is ideal for an almost invisible fit. It’s the perfect underwear. Not necessarily sexy but great for every day and when you’re wearing t-shirts or shirts. The other option from Hanro is stretch modal which costs a bit less and is shrink and stretch resistant.

Uniqlo also offers high-tech fabrics like UNIQLO HEATTECH® which is insulating thermal and AIRism which promises a smooth feel and moisture-wicking function. My favourite is this top with its cute lace braiding.


A good t-shirt is worth investing in and looking after it even more. The problem with cheaper brands is that they only look good when you first wear them. After that, they slowly morph into something deformed and unappealing. I go through about 3 white shirts every week, especially during winter. Even if they are covered by your sweater most of the time, the small seam that blitzes out at the neck makes all the difference. And imagine the dilemma if you’re getting hot but can’t take off your jumper because underneath you’re wearing a piece that not even you want to look at.

My favourite tee is from COS. Not only is it affordable but it’s also made of a super soft cotton with a silky feel. It fits perfectly without being too boxy which makes it ideal to wear underneath.

Audrey Louise Reynolds’ ecru T-shirt is next on the list. It’s made of a lightweight cotton-jersey and sits snug to the body which is great for slightly tighter fitting jumpers.

If you want to go for a real bargain, check out the one from M&S. It has slightly longer sleeves and is made of soft breathable cotton.

What are your favourite brands when it comes to basics? Let me know in the comments. ⬇️

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