December, 2018

05decallday09Religion Sample Sale

Religion sample sale December 2018 London


The Religion sample sale event is your next best opportunity to get up to 80% off womenswear, menswear, and accessories. Commit yourself to a brand that is devoted to the pursuit of individual style. Be proud of who you are and express yourself. Don’t be content with blending in with those around you. Don’t just wear something for the aesthetic value, wear it to make a statement. Now is your chance to do all of that, but at 80% off in the sample sale. Obtain that individual look you’ve been after. It’s time to stop blending in.

Religion as a brand has roots going back to the British clubbing scene with ties all the way to the 90s. They may be inspired by London’s East End but the meaning behind that is much deeper than just inspiration. Religion is truly British but they don’t seek to promote British values in the traditional sense. To them being British is about more than just land and language.

If you’re tired of the same old 9-5 come down to the Religion sample sale and make a real change to your situation.

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December 5 (Wednesday) - 9 (Sunday)



5 Standard Place, Off Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3BE

Opening Times

12 – 6pm

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