Anya Hindmarch's new 'Labelled' collection

Anya Hindmarch’s new ‘Labelled’ collection is answering all of my OCD needs because order is my new SPA. When my life gets too overwhelming, todo lists too long and clutter too much, tidying up can have a surprisingly calming effect.

De-cluttering, organising and putting everything into a place where you can actually find it, helps to find order in our busy lives. At least it does it for me and this is why I’m very excited about the Labelled collection.

The collection has everything you need to store your things stylishly away. There are filing cabinet pouches for your stationary, vanity cases for your essentials and make up pouches. You even find a lunch box and baby emergency kit. And with the in-flight case for everything I need from take off to touch down, I’m ready to go for my next holiday.

Do you know what is best? These little helpers come right in time for Christmas. They are affordable and make great presents. 

You can shop the collection here.

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